'High handed arrogant approach' – Simon Bridges accuses PM of not listening to business over minimum wage increase

National Party leader Simon Bridges and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had a spirited exchange in Parliament today over business confidence after the recent minimum wage increase.

Mr Bridges pointed to a survey which he said shows business confidence is down in New Zealand since the Labour Government came into office and accused Ms Ardern of waving their issues away in her answers during Question Time.

"Is the Prime Minister saying that business confidence doesn't matter and isn't that an incredibly high handed arrogant approach to take?" Mr Bridges asked.

"No, I have in fact myself said that I am very keen to make sure that a survey of perception matches reality," Ms Ardern answered.

After more pressing by the National leader on the survey Ms Ardern attempted to squash the line of questioning.

"You'll forgive me by not wanting to let anyone get ahead of themselves before the budget comes out," she said, before finishing with "two more sleeps."

Earlier this year the minimum wage rose 75 cents to $16.50.