'He's changed my life' - meet one Marlborough man who's teaching ex-prison inmates to read and write

New Zealand prisons are filled with people who struggle with literacy, but there is one man in Marlborough who is trying to solve the problem one ex-inmate at a time. 

Eighty per cent of New Zealand prison inmates have reading difficulties. Source: 1 NEWS

Noel McArthur is single handedly turning lives around, helping ex-inmates to find work and is now appealing for others to step up to offer these men jobs. 

Rangi Wallace-Tapine was among 80 per cent of inmates who have reading difficulties.

He was sent to jail at the age of 17 when he was associated with a gang, after following in his father's footsteps. 

Corrections introduced Mr Wallace-Tapine to Mr McArthur and together, they tackled his reading, which eventually led him to finally sitting his driver's licence test. 

"He had lots of faith in me," Mr Wallace-Tapine told 1 NEWS. 

"It worked. He changed my life otherwise I'd probably be sitting in a cell.

"It means the world. He's more of a father than my father was."

Mr McArthur says he helps those who can't read as its a reason why ex-prisoners struggle to get employment. 

"All their lives they have felt that they are dumb and yet inside they knew they weren't," Mr McArthur said.