Heroes recall shocking attack on South Auckland liquor store owner: 'My husband jumped over a balcony and ran...'

A woman whose husband, daughter and sister came to the aid of a stabbed South Auckland liquor store owner says her family are heroes for helping save the man's life.

The Luki family came to the aid of the wounded South Auckland liquor store owner last night. Source: 1 NEWS

Sarabjit Singh suffered wounds to his head, back, and arms during last night's robbery at his Sharland Avenue store in Manurewa.

Mr Singh's wife, Maninder Kaur, said her husband has had surgery and is recovering in hospital.

CCTV cameras caught dramatic footage of last night's attack, which showed Mr Singh being stabbed by one of three men who robbed him about 9.50pm.

Sesilia Luki, who lives opposite the store, was out at the time of the attack, but says her husband Paul and daughter Audrey came to Mr Singh's aid after hearing yelling and bottles smashing while hosting a BBQ.

CCTV footage captures the moment a man knifes the owner while he tries to defend his shop. Source: Supplied

"My husband saw those three guys and he jumped over the balcony and ran to stop them and yelled at them to stop," she told ONE News.

"One guy turned around I think and tried to throw a bottle at my husband

"Lucky he was here, he ran to stop the offenders because he saved his life. My husband did a good job, well done my husband."

Her sister helped calm down Mr Singh until the ambulance arrived.

"They are my heroes."

Audrey says she followed her dad to make sure he wasn't putting himself in harm's way, and didn't really think about what they were getting themselves in for.

"He's a softie, he's a good guy," she says.

"Last night he just saw what was happening and had to try and help. He was really quiet actually, he just went straight to the offenders." 

Back at the store after visiting her husband in hospital, Mrs Kaur says since they started trading at the store in September 2011, they have been robbed at least 10 times.

She was grateful to her neighbours for coming to their aid.

"They are heroes... I say thank you to them."

A 19-year-old is due to appear at Manukau District Court today over the attack