'Here's the real story' - Wellington council hits back after being accused of expensive Lions campervan parking




The Wellington City Council are hitting back after news broke today of Lions' fans supposedly being charged $130 a night for a campervan parking space. 

Rugby fans are paying four times more than usual, and must stay three nights.
Source: Breakfast

"Here's the real story," the council said in a statement. "Two UK travel companies organising Lions tour camper van packages came to the City Council and the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (Wreda) earlier this year – they wanted secure sites exclusively for their clients as close as possible to the Wellington CBD."

"The tour companies paid up-front for these sites and then passed on the costs to their clients as part of the packages."

It said $100 of the nightly fee went to the "considerable costs" of security, toilets, tour hosts and electricity at the sites, and for the temporary removal of revenue-generating carparks. 

The tour company charged the other $30. 

"We are not into gouging camper vanners – we want people to come to Wellington to have a good time."

"We're expecting hundreds more camper vanners to turn up in the next 24 hours in Wellington – let's be clear – they won't be charged $130 a night – they will be parking for free all over town."

"We are not into gouging camper vanners – we want people to come to Wellington to have a good time."

Viewers on TVNZ 1's Breakfast were divided on the issue. 

One person wrote: "That is a total rip-off. These people have pumped a lot of money into the New Zealand economy while they're here for this tour. To treat them like this and rip them off is just not on."

However some saw a different view, with one person saying: "Definitely think there are two sides to this. The campervans are staying in a central city carpark, right next to the harbour and Te Papa - prime location. This would make for a very convenient enjoyable stay."

The Breakfast presenter has made sure three Lions fans had an extra memorable trip to New Zealand
Source: Breakfast

"Whilst they're there locals can't use the carpark over this period. So it's inconvenient for locals, and the revenue won't be collected for this."

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