Hello, spring! Beautiful weekend weather ahead for most of the country

A large high pressure system to the west of the country will bring cold, frosty mornings and calm, warm days this weekend, MetService says.

MetService meteorologist Lewis Ferris said spring has been turbulent so far, with more than its fair share of turbulent weather being thrown up from the Southern Ocean.

However, those keen to get out and enjoy the warming temperatures will have a chance this weekend, with almost all of the country likely to be clear.

"With it being spring and us just having a cold front that swept up the country, it's brought in the cold air and now we have this arrival of the high pressure system," Mr Ferris said.

The system coming in is among the strongest on the planet at the moment, meaning fewer clouds and more sunshine hours.

With the clear skies, overnight temperatures could be a bit lower than usual for this time of year, Mr Ferris said, and that could mean a few more morning frosts in some areas.

"It means that overnight with the clear skies and the light winds temperatures can get down really low, so a lot of places will see frosts."

However, Saturday and Sunday should be largely clear and warm for most of the country, after the sun comes out.

"We're seeing the sun getting higher in the sky now, so we do get more heating, so with the days getting longer, the afternoon temperatures can get up to something that a lot of people would consider to be quite nice for this time of year," Mr Ferris said.

"It should be a good one for getting out in the garden, if you're that way inclined."

The only notable exceptions are expected to be the southern and southwestern parts of the South Island, which could see some more adverse weather start to roll in from late Sunday.

For a full forecast for your region, see our weather section here.