Helicopter footage shows town along the Firth of Thames Coast drowning under flood waters

Aerial footage shows the extent of severe flooding which has swamped a town along the Firth of Thames Coast, floating caravans and inundating houses. 

Hauraki Plains Civil Defence is on high alert amid concerns for about 500 coastal homes between Waitakaruru and Kaiau. Source: 1 NEWS

At least 500 people have been affected by flood waters in and around Kaiaua according to Hauraki District Council Community Service Management's Steve Fabrish.

Footage taken by the Auckland Rescue Helicopter shows crashing onto the shore adding to flooding that has caused residents to flee their properties.

Mr Fabrish told 1 NEWS contractors are currently working to get to isolated communities and residents are being asked to check on friends, family and neighbours. 

"Up on the Miranda, Kaiaua coastline on the Kauraki District, it got hammered this morning and an hour or two prior and even after the high tide," Mr Fabrish said. 

"King tide, low pressure and strong nor easterly wind, a combination of those things, ended up pushing the sea level up and ended up flooding a lot of low lying areas including some houses and farmlands and throwing a lot debris on to our roads.

TVNZ weather presenter Dan Corbett with the latest update Source: 1 NEWS

"Take care of yourself. Make sure that you're looking after your neighbours and the people around you."

Local Civil Defence are asking for people who need to evacuate to go to the Fire Station, or be with friends and family on higher ground. 

East Coast Road is now completely closed after the north end of the road had to be closed this afternoon due to flooding and debris. 

Civil Defence staff are currently assessing the damage around Kaiaua. 

The next high tides are expected around 11.00pm today and 11.30am tomorrow.