Helen Kelly: Why I take an illegal dose of marijuana every night

She has got limited time.

She's dying of terminal lung cancer. But Helen Kelly is still fighting.

Source: 1 NEWS

This time, she's publicly battling our government’s medical marijuana laws – while she still can.

Ms Kelly, known best for her decades as a union leader, is just one of a few recent high profile cases.

Others include Martin Crowe and Sir Paul Holmes, who are among those claimed to have benefitted from marijuana in their last days.

Former union leader explains why she's breaking the law and using medicinal cannabis. Source: Sunday

Ms Kelly said she had tried everything else.

"It's the best pain relief I've been offered and I've been offered a range - codeine, morphine, you name it, tramadol, and this cannabis works for me," she said.

"It just lets me sleep and relaxes my body and eases the pain and I've got tumours in my spine, in my hips, in my brain."

Access to the drug isn't a problem says Ms Kelly.

"I'm getting it from a circuit of people in this country who are supplying sick people with cannabis.

"Brave, brave people, they're not charging. People who believe in the product and don't think it should be unlawful."

Every night, she mixes up an illegal dose to ease her pain and allow her to sleep through the night.

Ms Kelly says she doesn't want to be "arrested and charged and criminalised", and is calling for a referendum at the next general election on legalising cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use.

Meantime, she'd like access to different medical cannabis products, other than Sativex, which is the only pharmaceutical cannabis product legally-available in New Zealand.

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