Heightened risk of injury for Kiwis in lockdown warns plastic surgeon

Kiwis are being asked to be extra vigilant to avoid injuring themselves during the four-week lockdown period. 

A file image of a hospital ward. Source: Pexels

According to the New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons, the chances of people injuring themselves while at home is significantly higher as people use new activities to fill in their time.

"We're now at home when we would usually be at school, tertiary education or work, and I know many are seeing this as an opportunity to tackle jobs around the house, take up a new activity or do more physical activity," says Association President, Jonathan Wheeler. 

He says people should take additional precautions when using things like hot water bottles or hair straighteners to make sure it doesn't result in serious harm. 

"Things like power tools, open fires, cooking appliances and hot water can cause horrific and life-long injuries when families are out of their normal routines and this risk is increased while we're instructed to stay home." 

According to Mr Wheeler, it's people's hands which are the most at risk to serious injury while in their home environment.