Heat-wave cooking Australia could bring temperatures 'well into the 30s' in parts of New Zealand

A heatwave cooking Australia is set to affect New Zealand early next week with temperatures in some places set to pass 35C.

That's according to NIWA principal scientist Chris Brandolino who told TVNZ's Breakfast today, it won’t get as hot as it has been across the Tasman, but it will get very hot next week.

"There will be many consecutive days of warmth and humidity (and next week) will probably be the warmest week of summer."

The central North Island and the upper half of the South Island are likely to be the areas most affected by the heat, but Brandalino says the whole country will be affected.

Brandalino says a hot Auckland Anniversary weekend's ahead.

"The North Island should expect temperatures in the mid 20s for the long weekend. Those temperatures will rise at the beginning of the week when kids go back to school into the high 20s," says the NIWA scientist.

"Next week Hawke's Bay could have temperatures well into the 30s and the South Island could see temperatures approaching if not exceeding 35C on the warmest of days."

Mr Brandolino said it is likely to get cooler next Friday and Saturday.

"That’s seven or eight days away so that could change."

He predicts the start of February into Waitangi weekend is likely to get hot again.

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That’s according to NIWA principal scientist Chris Brandolino, who spoke on TVNZ1’s Breakfast. Source: Breakfast