Heartbroken, injured teen who lost father and brother refuses to let terror attack sully his faith in humanity

A brave teenager who lost both his father and his brother in the attack on worshippers at the Deans Avenue mosque in Christchurch a week ago says he feels it would be better if he was the one who was dead.

Despite their injuries, many of those shot by the gunman turned out at yesterday's gathering in Hagley Park opposite the Al Noor mosque to pray and share their stories of survival.

Heartbroken 13-year-old Zaid Mustafa, a Syrian refugee who recently moved to New Zealand with his family, went to pray.

"I'm feeling like if I'm dead and my brother and father are still alive it would be better," he said.

Stooping as low as his bullet wound would allow, Zaid answered the Call to Prayer.

"Mean to me so much to thank the God for everything that has happened," he said.

He's thankful, despite losing his brother, 16-year-old Hamza, who was right at his side when they fled the mosque a week ago.

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    Salwa Mustafa had the terrible task of laying to rest both her husband Khalid and 15-year-old son Hamza. Source: 1 NEWS

    "I'm sitting, I'm saying, 'Hamza, Hamza, my brother,' and he can't hear me.

    "I love him so much. We all the time spend the time together. We do all the things together."

    Later, after being shot through the leg, Zaid heard his father, Khaled, had also been killed.

    Just two days ago he sat at the edge of his father's grave, read from the Koran, and spoke to him.

    "I say hamdullah (praise be to God) because he's shaheed (Martyred), he's going Jannah (heaven). I say hamdullah."

    Zaid said: "My father I like so much. He tell me how be strong and how be good in the life."

    Today with his mother, Salwa, they shared their story before joining in defiance.

    "Muslims are people of peace and love not terrorist," his mum said. "And I hope the world now can understand the real Islam.

    "To the person who did that and all the person who are supporting him and have the same mind, if they think that they are destroying us they are wrong. What's happened make us stronger."

    They're stronger, she said, from an act meant to tear them apart.

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      “If they think that they are destroying us they are wrong,” said Zaid Mustafa's mother. “What's happened makes us stronger.” Source: 1 NEWS