Health professionals reflect on what they learned from March 15

A year on from the March 15 terrorist attacks, some of the medical professionals who treated the wounded say they will never forget that day.

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Some say it has given them a whole new perspective on patience and humility. Source: 1 NEWS

Emergency departments and medical wards across the city filled quickly in the minutes and hours following the shootings, and Intensive Care Nurse Manager Nikki Ford said it was hours and hours until they were even identified.

What struck many doctors was the quiet dignity with which the victims conducted themselves, despite their injuries.

"The quiet stength and understanding of the patients was amazing - it was very different to how other patients would react," Emergency Specialist Dr Dominic Fleischer said.

"They were just lying there patienty and waiting their turn."

Survivor Temel Atacocugu has visited a doctor about a "hundred times" since he was shot nine times, and still has more surgery due to be carried out to repair his left arm.

The bullets tore through, and despite considerable surgery already, he is still unable to fully use his left hand, but has resumed some activities.

Surgical Nursing Director Nicky Graham wanted to wish all of those who had received treatment "all the best on this journey that we wish that they weren't on".