'He would be thrilled' - Sir Peter Blake remembered by friends on board his old boat for America's Cup parade

In 1995 Kiwis were treated to the unforgettable scene of Sir Peter Blake hoisting the America's Cup aloft, so it's only fitting that Sir Peter's old boat, Tara, was in Auckland today for the latest parade.

Sir Peter was killed on-board Tara whilst on an environmental exploration trip in the Amazon in 2001.

The boat now belongs to Tara Expeditions Foundation, having previously belonged to Bruno Trouble, an old friend of Sir Peter, and another America's Cup legend, who created the Louis Vutton Challenger Series 34-years-ago.

Carolyn Robinson from TVNZ1's Seven Sharp was lucky enough to get an invitation on the famous boat during the America's Cup parade today.

She asked Mr Trouble what Sir Peter would have made of today's celebrations.

"He would be very happy because this young team (Team NZ) put an end to 15 years of sadness and humiliation.

"So he would be thrilled. He would be not only on top of the boat, but on top of the mast."

Carolyn Robinson has a different view of the Cup parade - from on board Sir Peter Blake's old boat Tara. Source: Seven Sharp

'Screaming out for answers' - victims of state care sexual abuse gather at Parliament calling for independent inquiry

Hundreds of former state wards today took their fight to the steps of Parliament seeking a Government apology for past sexual abuse under state care.

The sexual abuse victims presented a petition of 5296 signatures calling for an independent inquiry into historical sexual abuse while under New Zealand state care.

Joining them was Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy who slammed the Government for not doing enough for children abused in state care.

"I'd really like to ask how many MP's have spoken to a survivor, a victim of this abuse," Ms Devoy said.

"Do the right thing."

Holding up a picture of himself when he was six-years-old, the age he entered state care, was David Jarvis.

"This little boy is still within this grown man today screaming out for answers. And what this inquiry would do for me on a personal level is, it'll break the chain," said Mr Jarvis.

The petition was received by Labour and Green Party MP's but the Government did not appear.

The Green Party has said what many wards of the state endured amounts to torture.

The Government has previously ruled out an inquiry, arguing New Zealand is different to other countries that have set up Royal Commissions into sexual abuse because apologies and compensation have been paid out.

The Race Relations Commissioner has slammed the Government for not doing enough. Source: 1 NEWS