'He wasn't going to go anywhere' - Otago plumber, storage shed owner apprehend fugitive

An Otago plumber and a storage shed owner managed to apprehend a man who had been on the run from police for six months. 

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Tom and Lance stumbled across a man who's been on the run from police for months. Source: Seven Sharp

Plumber Tom Palmer was busy fixing a caravan at Oamaru Self Storage recently when he noticed it had a broken window. 

After going inside and lifting a large cushion, he found a man in a foetal position underneath. 

Little did Palmer know the man was facing drugs and firearms charges. 

"I thought he was dead and then he sprang to life so I got the shock of my life," Palmer told Seven Sharp. 

He gave chase and with the help of Oamaru Self Storage owner Lance Greaney, the man, who "had a bit of pace", was apprehended. 

The pair wrestled him to the ground and it only took about five minutes for police to arrive. 

With Greaney kneeling on the man's back, Palmer said "He wasn't going to go anywhere."

"It's always nice putting some of these guys away," Greaney said.

For his efforts, Palmer got a hot chocolate and a pie from a customer. 

Greaney, meanwhile, kept working.