'He took a good peck at me' - woman warns of magpie attacks as breeding season in full flight

A North Canterbury woman is warning people to keep an eye on the skies after being left startled and bloodied by a magpie attack.

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North Canterbury’s Kate Metcalfe was unlucky to find herself on the receiving end of a hostile magpie. Source: 1 NEWS

Kate Metcalfe was taking her dog for a walk in a Kaiapoi park when a nesting male swooped down at her.

"I have been told magpies, they can be vicious birds and I've never really respected how vicious they are," she said.

"I didn't see him come in. He came in to my back side and he took a good peck at me, so all I felt was the pressure of the attack."

Ms Metcalfe is now warning others to watch out for aggressive, nesting birds.

"It can take an eye out. I'm an adult, I'm pretty tough. But they can attack a child, that's a very different story altogether."

A total of 113 magpie-related injuries were reported to ACC between 2013 and 2017.