'He probably didn't like Kiwi meat' - NZ surfer's hilarious response after close encounter with shark

A Kiwi surfer in Australia had a close shave with the jaws of the deep yesterday after he was knocked off his board by a shark in Cronulla, New South Wales.

Roie Smyth, 41, told news reporters in Australia it was the first time in the eight years he had been surfing at north Cronulla beach that he had encountered a shark.

The 41-year-old surfer was knocked off his board by a shark at north Cronulla beach yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

In an interview with Channel Nine News, Roie said he felt something brush past his leg.

He told the reporter that he looked down and saw the shark's silhouette.

The shark looked as though it was at least a metre long.

"It hit the side of my board, I rolled and then it came up by my leg," he said.

Roie went on to suggest that the shark didn't proceed with an attack because, "he probably didn't like Kiwi meat".

"He thought, I might stick to the Aussie flavour, I think".

The beach was closed immediately.

Lifeguards and a helicopter crew searched the beach for the shark but could not find it.

Some surfers were unfazed by the shark's presence, saying "this is their territory, they're always going to be out there".