'He made sure she was saved' - Cyclist killed in crash involving van credited with saving daughter’s life

The widow of a North Canterbury father-of-two, struck down and killed in a crash with a van while out for a bike ride with his daughter, says he stayed alive to make sure his girl was safe.

Clint Hoeben. Source: Givealittle

Clint Hoeben and his daughter Tara were out for a bike ride on Thursday. Clint was teaching her how to change gears and building up his fitness during the lockdown, for which he'd just fixed his bike for days earlier.

But according to Stuff, one kilometre into their ride they were struck from behind by a van on Oxford Rd in Fernside, heading towards McIntoshs Road, about 12.40pm.

Both were wearing helmets and Tara only received minor injuries.

Widow Charmaine told Stuff she knew something was wrong when she saw her daughter running towards the gate of their property.

"I ran outside and she just screamed 'Dad's been hit by a van, and Dad's not moving', I just jumped in my car and raced down there," she said.

"I got down there he was lying on the ground ... I just screamed and people were standing by they had gloves on and they said I can't touch him, they said he has a pulse, he was fine, just unconscious."

Firefighters performed CPR to no avail on the South African born dad.

"In that moment, he looked content," Charmaine told Stuff.

"I just kept thanking him for saving my daughter's life. He stayed behind her to make sure if something happened it happened to him first, unconsciously he made sure she was saved ... I don't think I'd be able to carry on if both of them left me."

A Givealittle page set up for the Hoeben family had received more than $21,000 as of 11am today.

The page says Clint had a strong involvement in the Stafford community and worldwide dog community.

"Clint was an incredible friend, mentor and family man with a huge sense of humour and his loss is beyond measure to all those who knew him," the page says.

"His beautiful wife Charmaine, his children Tara & Cameron, his parents Lorraine and John, and many many friends. Taken far too young."