Hawke's Bay teen hopes to break world playground-swinging record

A Hawke’s Bay teenager is looking to break the world record for the longest marathon on a swing.

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Charlie O’Brien is using the school holidays to try and smash an interesting world record. Source: 1 NEWS

Napier's Charlie O’Brien, 16, has been on his local park’s swing set since 6am today after an idea escalated.

“We were joking, I can’t exactly remember what about, but I ended up saying yea I’m going to break the world swinging record.” O’Brien told 1 NEWS from Taradale Park’s swing set.

The current record is just over 32 hours, set by an Auckland woman in 2013.

Charlie wants to “smash that” and better it by another eight hours, although he was regretting his boast this morning.

“I felt pretty bad about it in the morning but I’m getting used to it.”

Charlie has woolen gloves to stop the chains from rubbing on his skin and is sitting on a kiwifruit cushion.

Official rules state he can’t be pushed, but he is allowed a five minute break every hour, in which he can drink, eat and go to the toilet. He’s being sustained by sushi, gingernut biscuits and even hot chocolate from generous locals who have heard about his attempt.

The whole attempt must be filmed as well. The Napier City Council gave the Taradale High School student and his friends equipment to use.

His friends have developed a roster system as four people have to be witnessing the attempt the whole time.

However Charlie is wary of the long, cold night ahead.

“Lots of mental strength I don’t doubt my ability to do it…but I’m not looking forward to it either.”

If he’s still going he’ll officially break the record at 2pm tomorrow.

“Can’t back out now…I’m already on the news.”