Hawke's Bay man faces eviction from his own land after siblings take him to court

Hawke's Bay man Bruce Smith is facing eviction from his own land over an unresolved dispute with his siblings.

There are hundreds of owners of two land blocks that make up Ruatawhiri Station, and Mr Smith alongside a number of his siblings inherited 60 per cent of one of the blocks, but his siblings claim they haven't been able to benefit from it in years.

Mr Smith is the only occupant of the land out of his siblings and says his parents intended for him to be in charge.

Mr Smith's brother, Tim Smith, is claiming that he hasn't made any profit since 1997, although Mr Smith says everyone has "benefited from these pockets".

"What I've put it down to is that he's had a good time with a lot of money," Mr Smith told 1 NEWS.

Police involved say this sort of case is "rare" but have had the power to arrest Mr Smith, his wife and two daughters since the end of May.

Bruce Smith plans to launch more legal action against Mr Smith who hopes he'll be able to visit the station he grew up on.

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The man’s siblings say they haven’t benefited from the land in years. Source: 1 NEWS