Hastings college principal pleads with parents to stop taking students on holiday during term

A Hastings high school principal is pleading with parents not to take students on holiday during term time, saying the trend is having a huge effect on their son's education.

St John's College principal Paul Melloy has made the plea in a newsletter to parents of the Hastings school's students, Hawke's Bay Today reports

Mr Melloy and deputy principal Rob Ferreira wrote in the newsletter that St John's College now has a growing list of pupils who take 'time' off school.

"Some of this behaviour is enabled by their parents or guardians and it is having a huge effect on their son's education," the newsletter said.

The school had pleaded with parents last year not to take their sons on holiday during school term, to no avail. 

"This list in Term 1, 2019 is concerning."

The newsletter stated that in their opinion the biggest issue with holidaying during school time is not the actual time off school, but the priority the holiday is given above school attendance. 

"This, in your son's mind, lowers his perception of the importance of school attendance. This is dangerous.

"We are, again, pleading for your support. Please do not let your son take unnecessary days off school.

"If he is absent, please ensure he catches up on missed work. And please do not take holidays during school time."

Melloy is reportedly currently in Chile on a tour with the school's first XV rugby team.

School classroom. Source: 1 NEWS