'It has upset me for a lot of years' - Man gives evidence on day four of Arthur Allan Thomas trial

A man who claims he was encouraged to participate in sexual activity by Arthur Allan Thomas has given evidence on day four of Thomas’s District Court trial.

Source: 1 NEWS

Thomas is defending five historical sexual charges laid by police after two complainants came forward in 2019.

Strict suppression orders are in place to protect the identity of the complainants.

The man, whose name is suppressed, gave evidence today via CCTV.

He told the court he was bothered by his memory of what had occurred when he was younger.

“Over the years it has preyed on my mind,” he said. “It has upset me for a lot of years.”

Under cross-examination, Thomas’s lawyer, Marie Dyhrberg, questioned the witness’s version of events and whether Thomas was actually present when the witness claimed he had been.

When asked whether his memory was ‘shaky’ the man replied,

“I can only say what I remember .. I’m not going to lie.”