Hard-hit Havelock North residents 'want answers' over water contamination

Havelock North residents are demanding answers after being hit hard by contaminated water, calling for the Government to set up a national disaster fund for the community.

Two dozen pallets of water were donated to the town this morning, by midday they were gone. 

But officials believe testing which showed E-coli contamination in a water tanker may be a false alarm. Source: 1 NEWS

Residents have been told they should get answers tomorrow, which couldn't come soon enough for many.

Cherry Grove Childcare owner Emma Dawson told ONE News it has been a "huge inconvenience and cost to everyone".

"People want answers, they want to know why we weren't told earlier and what processes are going to be in place so we don't have to keep relying on bottled water," she said.

Financial aid is also a significant concern, with councillor Wayne Bradshaw calling for a fund to get the community "back on its feet".

The Government isn't promising that, but Prime Minister John Key has confirmed there will be an independent inquiry.

"We're quite happy to step up and do more if required but we've been taking our lead from those who are on the ground and advising us," he said.