As it happened: Prince Harry and Meghan meet residents of Middle Earth and enjoy nature at Abel Tasman Park

Relive Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle's second day in NZ as they finish up in Wellington and travel into the Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island.

7.15pm: That will do it from another action packed day for the royal couple. Join us again tomorrow as they arrive in Auckland and meet the public during a viaduct walk about.

7.00pm: Prince Harry shared a joke with one particularly interesting creature at Courtenay Creative tonight!

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The royal couple visited Courtenay Creative this evening. Source: 1 NEWS

6.10pm: The royal couple have just met some colourful characters and residents of Middle Earth at Courtenay Creative. 

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The royals met some interesting characters in Wellington tonight. Source: 1 NEWS

5.40pm: Click here to view a gallery of pictures from Prince Harry and Meghan's romantic stroll around Abel Tasman National Park.

5.05pm: In just under an hour's time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be given an entertaining tour of Courtenay Creative where they will meet young people looking to excel in the film industry.

4.45pm: Earlier today the royal couple enjoyed lunch with some lucky locals at Abel Tasman National Park.

4.15pm: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed the gifts she bestowed on the royal couple when she met them yesterday.

She gave the Duchess a set of earrings and Prince Harry received a Shape Shifter CD and vinyl record.

4.02: Watch as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stroll down Abel Tasman National Park beach.

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Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to co-operate with the royals visit this afternoon.

3.55: Meghan Markle received a number of gifts for her baby today.

3.40: The Duke and Duchess hongi and chat to locals as rain buckets down at Abel Tasman National Park. Watch video.

3.17: First footage from Abel Tasman National Park.

3.15: At 4:45 this afternoon the Duke and Duchess will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, and will visit the newly unveiled UK War Memorial.  This engagement will be followed by a public walkabout in the Memorial Park.

3.05: From this morning: Prince Harry says the social media impact on mental health needs to be discussed. Read full story here.

2.50: The first images of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have appeared as they visit Abel Tasman National Park.

2.35: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex battled the elements and meet cheeky weka on a tour of Abel Tasman National Park.  Read full story here.

2.25: Prince Harry at Abel Tasman National Park: “Thank you so much for having us today. The weather forecast was a lot worse than this and we are really fortunate to be here.  From my wife, myself and our little bump, it’s a blessing to be here."

2.10: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived at Totaranui in Abel Tasman National Park, where they learnt about local conservation projects, in a Royal New Zealand Air Force NH90 helicopter.  

As rain fell and weka prowled around, Harry and Meghan were welcomed to a beachside campsite in Abel Tasman National Park with a traditional powhiri from local iwi, the blowing of a conch shell, a karanga and a long line of hongi.  Images and full story to come.

1.52: World media has seized on Meghan Markle's "stirring" speech from last night. Today, it's this image that seems to be capturing the world's imagination.

1.45: Here's a look at the traditional welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received yesterday at Government House. They were set to receive another pōwhiri this afternoon at Abel Tasman National Park. 

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The royal couple have received a warm welcome upon their arrival in New Zealand today.

1.15: It's nice to see Kiwi mental health activist Ezekiel Raui's efforts acknowledged again by Kensington Palace. 

1.03: AAP reports that, in just four minutes last night, the Duchess of Sussex told the world she won't be shying away from her feminist roots now she is a member of the royal family.

Meghan's speeches yesterday in New Zealand and last week in Fiji delivered powerful messages about women's suffrage and the right to education for girls and women.

In doing so, the former Suits actress has put to rest speculation that protocols preventing members of the royal family speaking out on political issues will not stop her from championing causes including women's rights and racial equality.

In her two-minute address at a reception celebrating the 125th anniversary of New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote, Meghan issued a "bravo" to the nation for its history-making move.

Standing in front of a large portrait of the Queen, Meghan said the women of New Zealand who fought for their right to vote were "universally admired".

"Because yes - women's suffrage is about feminism, but feminism is about fairness," she told the audience, which included Prime Minster Jacinda Adern and Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy.

"Suffrage is not simply about the right to vote but also about what that represents.

"The basic and fundamental human right of being able to participate in the choices for your future and that of your community."

If you haven’t seen her speech you can watch it here

12.53: It's looking likely we won't get further royal updates until reporters emerge from the Abel Tasman mobile reception dead zone at roughly 2pm. In the meantime, here's video of them chatting with mental health volunteers this morning. And here's the Duchess of Sussex's highly lauded speech last night on women's suffrage, which began with a greeting in Te Reo. 

12.24: Mobile reception at Abel Tasman is infamously spotty. Bear with us as we wait to see if any of the reporters who have followed the royal couple there there have any luck sharing updates with us. Meanwhile, here are a few more photos from their trip this morning to Maranui Cafe in Wellington.

Prince Harry waves to fans as he and Meghan meet with students from Houghton Valley School outside Maranui Cafe in Wellington. Source: pool copy/Mark Mitchell

Source: 1 NEWS

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their meeting with representatives of mental health projects at Maranui Cafe in Wellington. Source: Pool copy/Mark Mitchell

12.00: These new parents are going to do just fine. Pool photo via Mark Mitchell of the New Zealand Herald.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attempting to coax a smile from 5-year-old Joe Young while meeting with students from Houghton Valley School. Source: 1 NEWS

11.37: Click here for a longer video of the royal newlyweds stopping for an impromptu chat with the starry-eyed Wellington school children.

11.29: Soon-to-be mum Meghan Markle appears to have a natural instinct with children, comforting little Joe when he became overwhelmed by all the attention this morning. Video via Stuff reporter Thomas Manch.

11.10: After their traditional welcome at Abel Tasman National Park, scheduled to start in just under an hour, the couple is expected to have a barbecue lunch with local students and the park's youth ambassadors. They will also participate in a tree planting with the children before a trail walk with a Department of Conservation ranger. They return to Wellington around 6pm for an event celebrating the city's art scene.

11.04: Some royalty fans with an eye for fashion have identified what Meghan Markle was wearing today. 

10.59: The primary school students who got to share a few words with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were from Houghton Valley School in Wellington.

10.57: And like that, the royal motorcade is off to the next event - a traditional welcome at Abel Tasman National Park, scheduled to start at midday.

10.55: Inside the cafe, the couple posed for photos at each table. Harry then placed his hand affectionately on his wife’s right shoulder as the couple made their final farewells and left.

10.53: The couple have received a round of applause as they leave the cafe. They're now meeting with the children in front of the cafe - both kneeling to shake hands at eye level. 

10.49: Mr Raui is talking about importance of inter-generational change.

Harry: “There’s no silver bullet and I think people need to understand that...I take my hat off to you guys.”

Mr Raui is talking about Key to Life Trust and how their dream is to make their role redundant. 

10.45: Meghan is wearing a 1737 lapel badge promoting the work of the helpline. Harry: “Everyone needs someone to turn to, right?”

10.41: After a short break the couple are talking to the third table of guests - among them is Ezekiel Raui from Key to Life. It’s his second royal engagement this year after visiting Buckingham Palace.

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In June Ezekiel received the Queen's Young Leaders Award. Source: Breakfast

10.38: The school children have been escorted from behind the barrier to the front of the cafe, as the crowd awaits the royal couple's departure. 

10.30: Harry and Meghan haven't made it back outside to greet the crowd yet, but this group of school children is on the ball - rehearsing for the big moment. 

10.28: Despite the serious subject matter, there is no sense of gloom. The prince seemed taken by the plate laden with colourful cakes on the first table.

10.23: The prince asked how much of a part social media played in the number of young people experiencing symptoms. It’s a real topic that needs to be discussed, he said.

10.20: The Prince is talking about the value of normalising the conversation about mental health. Meghan Markle seemed surprised to hear Jazz from Voices of Hope say that some people perceive requests for help as attention seeking.

10.17: 1 NEWS reporter Emily Cooper was outside the cafe as the couple arrived. They didn't linger, going straight into the cafe. Here's a photo.

10.15: The prince is drinking water. Voices of Hope volunteers are talking about the importance of education in mental health.

10.13: Meghan has ordered a cup of tea. The couple have joined the first table, where Jazz and Gen from Voices of Hope are telling them about the work of their organisation.

10.10: Meghan and Harry have arrived. Watch the live stream here. 

10.07: Ezekiel, Gen and Jazz are among the lucky few who will get to meet with the royal couple this morning to talk about mental health.

9.55: It’s not officially sanctioned etiquette to ask a royal to pat you. But if anyone can get away with it today, it’s Charlie. Photo by Maori TV political reporter Talisa Kupenga.

9.50: Some sage advice, via placard, for the couple’s trip to Abel Tasman National Park this afternoon: “Have a royal time in the sea: Swim between the flags.” Photos via Good Morning Britain’s Nick Dixon.  

9.40am: Who needs a resume when you have a placard? Here's a sign spotted by Sylvia Jeffreys of the Today Show in Australia. 

9.38am: 1 NEWS reporter Emily Cooper is at the Maranui Café, where the crowd has come up with some creative signage to welcome the royal couple.  

9.30am: While we're waiting for today's events to unfold, take a look back at an amazing day in Wellington yesterday, as Harry and Meghan utterly wowed their New Zealand fans, as enthusiastic crowds showered them with gifts including young Alexandra MacKay's hand-made broach which Meghan Markle gratefully accepted, and then wore.

And a classic buzzy bee, which the crowd worked hard to transport from a punter way back in the crowd, to Harry - who then wanted to meet the gift giver and went to great lengths to shake his hand. 

9.20am: Welcome to our live blog of day two of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal tour of New Zealand.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made some lucky kids' day at Government House.

This morning they're at Wellington's Maranui Cafe talking to mental health workers from 10am, before travelling to the Abel Tasman National Park at the top of the South Island for a series of engagements, including a welcome, a bush walk and a barbie with youth ambassadors and local school children. 

We'll have it all here for you, including all the video moments as they happen. First up is a live stream of the royal couple's Wellington Maranui Cafe visit at 10am, and you can watch it live right here.

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