Hanmer Springs kicks off first-of-a-kind smoking and vaping ban - but not all are convinced

Locals and visitors to the Canterbury tourist town of Hanmer Spring are being asked not to smoke or vape in the centre, but not all are convinced it's a great move.

The six-month trial, which kicked off yesterday, will take in all public land in Hanmer's main business district - from one end of town to the other.

It is a New Zealand first. 

The Cancer Society is steering clear of calling it a ban, for now, and says the majority of business owners are in favour.

One restaurateur, Alan McNabb, isn't, however.

He says the town can't afford to be picky, and he is yet to find a business owner who says they voted for the proposal.

"Whether they are freedom campers, whether they're smokers or non-smokers or whoever, we want everyone, we're a tourist town, that's what we want."

Ward councillor Jason Fletcher was enthusiastic about the move.

"I'm feeling the love for the village and I'm feeling the love for clean, healthy air and things like that.

"And maybe not feeling to love for smokers and vapers."

At this stage there is no bylaw in place, just a signposted suggestion.

Businesses can still operate outdoor smoking areas, but footpaths, roads and in public parks are out-of-bounds. 

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Today saw the start of a move to stop smoking and vaping in the town’s main street. Source: 1 NEWS