Handful of historic treasures revealed as Govt announces $10 million Archives NZ funding boost

There's been a rare display of priceless New Zealand archives as the Government announced $10 million of funding to better preserve our national records.

The Government has announced the funding to better preserve our national records. Source: 1 NEWS

The Archives NZ display included a note written by Captain James Cook in 1776, formerly secret letters to France regarding the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, and hand-written notes from Former Prime Minister David Lange's famous Oxford debate about nuclear weapons.

A blueprint of the damage Wellington would sustain in the event of an atomic bomb attack was also among the rare documents on show.

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne said the $10 million of funding will be spread over two years and help Archives New Zealand buy land for a new facility and increase storage which is currently at capacity.

"We've got this wonderful treasure trove of data be it personal to individual families or be it in the country's national interest, that I think we need to be preserving and I think we need to be encouraging people to come and see," Minister Dunne said.