Hamilton teen's 40 pieces of art for 40 Hour Famine


World Vision's annual 40 Hour Famine is just around the corner, and one talented 18-year-old is marking her support by spending every spare minute on 40 bits of artwork.

Natalie Jellyman and her artwork.

Natalie Jellyman and her artwork.

Source: 1 NEWS

Hamilton teen Natalie Jellyman is on a mammoth mission to finish her 40 drawings by June 10, the start of famine weekend.

With 25 down, she's over half way there, on average completing five drawings a week.

One of Natalie Jellyman's pieces of art.

One of Natalie Jellyman's pieces of art.

Source: 1 NEWS

Each design is auctioned off on Trade Me, the profits going straight to World Vision.

Money raised in this year's famine is going to create child-friendly spaces for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

"The refugee crisis and those affected continues to break my heart over and over again and I knew I had to act," she said.

"A dear friend continues to tell me 'People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.' And that's proven itself through this campaign."

Ms Jellyman's final 10 works will be on display for all to see over the famine weekend at Auckland's MOTAT and then, her remaining energy will see her take part in the One Weekend One Backpack challenge too.

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