Hamilton police seek public's help over serious assault

Hamilton police investigating the serious assault of a young man are hopeful new information aired on Police Ten 7 tonight will prompt people to come forward.

Police officers seen on a street - file photo. Source: Getty

The victim and his friend were taking photographs on the roundabout of MacDonald Road and Saxbys Road at around 7pm on Friday 11th June when the incident occurred, Detective Kerry Tinworth said in a statement tonight.

"The pair were waiting to be picked up by family members when a car pulled up beside them.

"Four youths, not known to the pair, got out of the vehicle, confronted them, and then chased them down Saxbys Road towards Ohaupo Road.

"As the victim turned around to see what was happening behind him, he was struck in the head with a weapon.

"The attacker hit a branch before striking the victim, reducing the impact of the blow but still causing considerable harm."

Tinworth said the young man received a 9cm gash to the left side of his head, requiring 23 staples as well as receiving treatment for a fractured skull.

"He is lucky to be alive, as a blow like this could have been fatal," he said. 

"His friend was uninjured and ran with him around the corner onto Morrison Street away from the group, where they were helped by a member of the public.

"The attackers gave up the chase and headed back towards their car on the corner of MacDonald Road and Saxbys Road.

"This was an extremely traumatising incident for the victim and the event has had a serious effect on his family, who are worried it could happen to someone else," Tinworth said. 

Police are now seeking the public’s help to identify the main offender involved in this incident.

He is described as being of a skinny build, approximately 182cm tall, has light brown skin, and very short hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and green camo shorts.

Police have learnt there was another man in the area who was chased in a similar manner minutes before this attack.

"We are also appealing for him to come forward as we believe he will have information that can assist the investigation," Tinworth said. 

The suspects left their vehicle parked by the roundabout while the attack occurred.

Police would also like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or saw the vehicle on the night, so that those responsible can be held accountable.

If you have any information that could assist the investigation team, please call the Police Ten 7 information line on 0800 107 4636.