Hamilton dairy robbed for third time in less than two months

A Hamilton dairy owner has had his store robbed for the third time in less than two months.

Hamilton dairy robbery. Source: 1 NEWS

The offenders were captured on CCTV breaking into the Te Rapa dairy at 4.30am this morning.

“I’m becoming very frustrated,” owner Harry Luther told 1 NEWS.

Mr Luther said he has provided police with plenty of evidence and believes the three robberies are linked. But, he believes the offenders are young and that’s why police aren’t cracking down.

Hamilton dairy staff traumatised after store robbed twice in one month

“These people need to face harsher punishments,” he told 1 NEWS.

Earlier this month, robbers armed with knives threatened a customer and a staff worker at another dairy in the city, before raiding a tobacco cabinet.

Police have since told 1 NEWS officers were immediately dispatched to the dairy this morning, and an investigation into the three robberies being linked is ongoing.