Hamilton couple who lost two sons in Easter crash plead with Kiwis to drive safely this long weekend

Sia Mosaferi and Mohy Sharifi are a private couple.

They welcome us into their Hamilton home, unfailingly polite, but clearly nervous about doing anything in front of the camera.

The only reason they’re talking is because they desperately hope their story could save someone’s life, and that some good can come from their pain.

'I just don’t want anyone else to go through what we have," Mohy tells me.

She cries through a lot of the interview. The grief is still overwhelmingly raw.

It was Good Friday last year when their lives were ripped apart.

They were on a family holiday with their two sons, Arteen, four, and Radeen, just two months old, in the back of their car.

The kids were asleep, Sia and Mohy were talking about how blessed and happy they were with their beautiful family.

Then the traffic slowed up on the Desert Road in the central North Island.

The truck driver behind them was fatigued, a court later heard. He rear-ended the family’s car.

Arteen and Radeen were both killed.

Mohy suffered critical injuries, almost all of her upper body and brain was damaged in some way. Sia was seriously hurt as well.

They tell me the physical pain was the least of the pain they went through.

"On Good Friday last year we left this home as a family of four, as a very happy family of four," Mohy says.

"We came back home one month later as two absolutely shattered, heartbroken, destroyed, and in shock people that we were still in denial, and we really still are," Mohy says.

They describe how they’ve become good actors – mostly for the sake of the people who offered so much love and support.

They say sometimes they smile, and they fake it, just to survive.

But now they’re dropping the pretence, because they want you to know their pain.

They want you to think about the power you wield behind the wheel of your car, how you never think it’ll happen to you, the devastation even a moment of inattention or fatigue or rule-breaking could cause.

They want you to understand their last year has been hell, and they want to stop yours from becoming that way too.

"We hope everyone has a safe and nice holiday," Sia says.

Mohy nods.

"I hope they come back all in one piece. Unlike we did."

During our visit, Sia showed us the path near the house where Arteen loved to ride his bike.

Mohy wants people to know he was amazing and loving and smart and could have brought joy to the life of many people.

She calls Radeen an angel, who brought them an incredible feeling of happiness.

The pair now have a one-month old, another baby boy.

But they’ll never get Arteen and Radeen back.

Two precious young lives, taken far too soon.

Drive safely these holidays.

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    Sia Mosaferi and Mohy Sharifi lost two children in an accident on the Desert Road on Good Friday, 2018. Source: 1 NEWS