'This had no warning' - Latest tsunami to strike Indonesia was 'subtle' in approach due to underwater landslides

The extent of the damage in Indonesia after a deadly tsunami - the second in three months - is beginning to become clearer.

Authorities say at least 62 people have been killed, hundreds are injured and many more are missing.

Jan Gelsand, of Red Cross, said locals were caught off guard.

"This had no warning," he said.

"This was not like a big earthquake happening and then everyone knew something was going to happen - this was much more subtle than that."

Authorities are warning residents and tourists in coastal areas around the Sunda Strait to stay away from beaches and a high tide warning is in place through Christmas.

Last night’s tsunami is a tragedy Indonesia is all too familiar with.

Three months ago, Indonesia was jolted by a 7.5 earthquake and large tsunami that killed more than 1,400 people.

And then almost 14 years ago to the day on Boxing Day, a tsunami - the deadliest in history - claimed more than 160,000 lives in Indonesia alone.

Today's tsunami was generated by an underwater landslide caused by the ongoing eruption of Krakatau.

It could be days before the full extent of the disaster is known but Mr Gelsand expects the death toll will rise.

"The two communities that were mostly hit were Pendeglang and Labuan where most of the deaths and destruction and impact happened."

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    The tsunami comes less than three months after Indonesia was hit by a magnitude .5 earthquake. Source: 1 NEWS

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