'I had my hand in its gills' - Teen spearfisher reveals more details about shark encounter off Nelson

A young Nelson spearfisher says he's lucky to have all his limbs after coming face-to-face with a bronze whaler shark while out diving yesterday.

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Jahmon Wilson, 18, came face to face with the shark off the coast of Nelson. Source: 1 NEWS

Jahmon Wilson is in the market for some new spearfishing gear after the shark bit through his line as it stole his first ever kingfish near Nelson port.

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Jahmon Wilson, 18, said he was lucky to escape unhurt. Source: Supplied

“It was in my hand, I had my hand in its gills and the shark just grabbed it and took off with it.

'I'm still in shock' - Spearfisherman films wild encounter with shark in sea off Nelson

“I don't know if I was scared it was just such an adrenaline dump so fast and it happened so fast so sort of had to go into action mode.”

“You know they want the fish and I want the fish so I was just hoping it would just take half of it and I'd be able to pull in half the fish but it ended up biting half the line.”

Sam Wild was also out on the water and saw it all play out.

“You just see the tail and shoulders of the shark coming over him, oh it’s just something you ever really want to see aye,” Wild said.

Wild was heading back to shore after seeing the same type of shark moment's earlier.

“I’ve dived all over New Zealand and overseas and I haven’t quite seen such a close encounter as that."

The advice to those spear fishing is know your environment and take your fish off the line as soon as you can.

Despite the scare, the pair are already back in the water with Wilson hoping to catch a kingfish he can eat this time.