Gun City sold alleged Christchurch mosque gunman four firearms but not the military style semi-automatic reportedly used

The owner of Christchurch's Gun City says the firearms retail outlet sold the alleged mosque gunman four A category firearms and ammunition but the military style semi-automatic gun reportedly used in the attack that killed 50 people was not purchased from them.

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David Tipple of Gun City says he is dismayed and disgusted by Friday’s attacks in which 50 people were shot dead. The accused bought four guns from his store but not military-style weapons. Source: 1 NEWS

David Tipple has told a media conference he and his staff are dismayed and disgusted by what happened last Friday afternoon.

Australian Brenton Tarrant has been charged with murder following an attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

"We can't comprehend how such despicable actions could be carried out on those in prayer in their place of worship," Mr Tipple said.

Mr Tipple said he has informed the police that Gun City sold the alleged gunman four A category firearms and ammunition and all Gun City sales to him followed a police verified online mail order process. 

Mr Tipple said he returned from Europe on Saturday afternoon and immediately searched Gun City's records and found the alleged gunman's purchases. 

"I provided the police with full details of those sales. We detected nothing extraordinary about the licence holder. The MSSA, the military style semi-auto reportedly used by the alleged gunman was not purchased from Gun City," he said.

"Gun City did not sell him an MSSA, only A category firearms."

Mr Tipple said he and Gun City fully support the prime minister's swift and decisive actions following the tragedy. 

"We'll be fully cooperating with the police and the government to ensure that any review and changes to legislation prevent a reoccurrence. 

"Accurate concerns have been raised and we want to assist in ensuring effective responses," he said.

Mr Tipple said he's offering any help he can "with improvements" and he's writing to the prime minister and is in discussions with the police.

"The Gun City staff and I extend our deepest sympathies to the families and the loved ones of those who are suffering. This tragedy has devastated us all," he said.