Gull set to launch first South Island petrol station near Oamaru, in July

Gull New Zealand is looking to launch its first South Island site south of Oamaru in July, the New Zealand energy retailer has announced. 

The site will be built in Maheno on State Highway 1, south of Oamaru, after Gull obtained the lease on a property which had been home to an existing service station under an independent brand.

The Maheno petrol station will have additional tanks installed, with payment for fuel to be done through credit and debit cards. The Gull station will operate as an unmanned site from July, Gull New Zealand general manager Dave Bodger said in a statement.

"We have been inundated with thousands of requests to launch the 'Gull Effect' in the South Island and so we are stoked to be bringing competitive prices to Mainland motorists who have been paying far too much for their petrol for far too long," Mr Bodger said.

The 'Gull Effect', coined by the Automobile Association (AA), was used to describe how the fuel station's competitors lower their prices to match when a Gull site opens in their town.

"The 'Gull Effect' may not reach far beyond Maheno initially but we know that many people travel through Maheno and our build programme that follows will greatly extend Gull’s reach in the South Island. We have development sites in greater Canterbury, in Christchurch and are very optimistic for opportunities for Gull across the South Island."

A further five Gull sites are in the planning and consenting stages and are due to open in the next one to two years, he said.

Source: Te Karere