'Guilty grandparents' cycle North Island to convince fellow seniors about perils of climate change

A man who cycled the North Island with a group of grandparents to raise awareness of climate change is telling other seniors to get off cruise ships and stop flying, to combat global warming.

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Robin Treadwell and Bill Kinghorn want to inspire other baby boomers to fight climate change. Source: Seven Sharp

The seniors have cycled "from Waiheke to Wellington," Waiheke Island resident Robin Treadwell told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

The group spent almost a month on the road "to raise awareness about the climate crisis and what we can do about," Ms Treadwell said.  

Using electric bikes most of the riders - the oldest 84 - took turns riding the journey to create change of their own and challenge others of their generation to do so. 

Climate warrior Bill Kinghorn rode the whole distance, looking to right environmental wrongs of the past by the older generation. 

"Guilt can probably be tagged onto it. But we're looking at the situation we've got, we're looking at our grandchildren. We don't want them to say that we've messed it up too badly for them," he said. 

"We are very aware that our grandchildren are coming into a world that we want to be more like the world that we had." 

And Mr Kinghorn had a message to members of older generations about what they can do to combat climate change.

"Get off the cruise ships. Stop flying. Settle down. Look to what your grandchildren need, and give it them in some way. Don't just take the luxuries for yourself." 

The cycling grandparents showed solidarity with thousands of Kiwi kids who marched through the streets and to Parliament last month to call for more action on climate change.  

"What these teenagers are doing, I'd call a controlled panic. They're seeing something coming over the horizon. It doesn't look pretty," Mr Kinghorn said. 

The seniors cycled to Parliament grounds and met Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick to pledge support for upcoming climate change policy.