Grieving widow can't get photos off dead husband's iPhone and Apple won't unlock it

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and social media we are taking more photographs than ever before.

This year, billions of people armed with smartphones will take more than 1.2 trillion pictures, which is about 150 photos for every man, woman and child.

It's great having all those memories in the palm of your hand, but what happens if you - or a loved one - suddenly dies? 

Fair Go reports a grieving widow is unable to get photos off her dead husband's iPhone, and Apple won't unlock it for her.

Apple says Haley needs the master password to get into her late husband's device.

Watch the video above for the full report by Anna Burns-Francis.

Apple says Haley needs the master password to get into her late husband’s device. Source: Fair Go


Kiwi schoolgirl has left leg amputated after surviving September shark attack in Queensland

The Kiwi schoolgirl who was seriously hurt in a shark attack in Australia last month has had her left leg amputated.

Twelve-year-old Hannah Papps is still recuperating from the incident in Queensland Children's Hospital but is in a stable condition following a series of operations since the September 20 attack.

Hannah, whose family come from New Zealand but now live in Melbourne, was holidaying with her father and sister in Cid Harbour off Whitsunday Island when she was mauled by a shark in shallow waters.

She was rescued by helicopter after being bitten on the upper leg by a shark and was flown to the Mackay Base Hospital in a critical condition where she underwent surgery.

Hannah received some special support yesterday as she used a wheelchair for the first time since her amputation with Paralympian Ellie Cole visiting her.

The six-time Paralympic champion swimmer shared a picture of herself and Hannah on social media after the visit with Hannah wearing an Australian team shirt and a big smile.

"Twelve-year-old Hannah lost her leg to a shark attack only three weeks ago while holidaying in the Whitsundays," Cole wrote.

"Today she jumped in a wheelchair for the first time and I couldn't even keep up with her. She's going to be great."

Cole lost her right leg to a rare cancer as a three year-old.

The girl is Hannah Papps, who lives in Melbourne with her New Zealand parents. Source: 1 NEWS



One person dead after fatal collision between car and bus near Queenstown

One person has died after a crash between a car and a bus near Queenstown this morning.

Police report the fatal accident happened on State Highway 6 near Devils Staircase, south of Queenstown this morning.

Police confirmed the person who died was in the car but there were no other injuries despite 15 people, including the driver, being on the bus.

A Police spokesperson has told 1 NEWS the person who died in the crash was the sole occupant of the car.

A statement from the bus company involved in the incident, Southern Discoveries, said they would work closely with Police.

"The driver of our bus as well as all 14 passengers on board are uninjured.

"We are currently taking all of the passengers back to their accommodation in Queenstown and providing them, as well as our staff, with any support they may require."

The bus was carrying a group of tourists. Police don’t have any details as to where they were headed at this stage.

Emergency services were alerted of the crash at 7:45am.

The Serious Crash Unit will be investigating and the road will be closed for some time.

One person died after an accident near Devils Staircase. Source: 1 NEWS


Lotto winner gets $11 million - Second time Powerball struck in less than a month

$11 million is not a bad pay check and on Saturday night a lucky Auckland Powerball player got just that.

The winning ticket was sold at New World Albany in Auckland. The prize money was made up of $10 million from Powerball First Division and $1 million from Lotto First Division.

This is the second time that Powerball has been struck in less than a month, with two lucky players from Hastings and Christchurch sharing a $5 million Powerball jackpot in mid-September.

Meanwhile, in the Bullseye Must Be Won Draw, the $400,000 jackpot rolled down to Division Two and was shared by two players who each take home $210,001.

The winning tickets were sold at Halswell New World in Christchurch and Westport New World in Westport.

The winning $7.2 million Lotto Powerball ticket. Source: Supplied

West Auckland church using movie theatre for services

While the big screen is usually reserved for tales from Hollywood, one West Auckland church is using their newfound home at the cinemas to also retell stories from the Bible.

Members of the City Impact Church West branch now regularly attend their Sunday morning and afternoon services at a local theatre in West Auckland.

Families come in to the Westgate Event Cinemas, in Massey, treating themselves to movie snacks such as popcorn and ice-creams while listening to the pastors speak.

Pastor Joe Manase told the New Zealand Herald the unconventional idea makes sense.

"We’d heard that there are churches around the world that started to use cinemas and we thought: You know what? They’ll have comfy seats, the best air conditioning, the greatest screen and the best surround-sound system.

"There are people lining up to come to church and people lining up to buy tickets to Avengers at the same time."

City Impact use two rooms, one for main church and one specifically for children’s worship but there are also moves to hire out a third theatre by next year for their youth group.

Kirsty Bourke of the Hawera Cinema says restaurants and clubs have had dress codes for years and no one complained.
Source: 1 NEWS