Gridlocked Aucklanders spend 20 extra working days a year stuck in traffic - study

If Auckland motorists needed evidence traffic congestion has got worse, a study shows they can now expect to spend an extra 20 working days a year stuck in traffic at peak times.

Auckland traffic Source: 1 NEWS

The GPS company TomTom has calculated drivers in Auckland can expect to add 33 per cent extra time to their travel at any time of the day, and almost 80 per cent in the evening peak periods, compared with free flow or uncongested traffic conditions.

That adds up to 158 hours of extra travel time a year, when travelling in peak times.

Auckland sits at 40th in the global traffic congestion ranking which lists 295 cities around the world, and the City of Sails has the second highest traffic congestion in Australasia after Sydney.  

Auckland’s congestion is getting worse, up from from 32 per cent extra travel time in 2014 to 33 per cent for 2015.

Congestion in morning peak hour eased by three per cent and remained the same in the evening peak.

This is due partly to a spread of the morning peak over a longer period and more people using public transport, says Phil Allen, General Manager of TomTom Licensing for South East Asia and Oceania.

Wellington congestion rose one percent to 30 per cent, not far behind Auckland.

It improved slightly in Hamilton and Christchurch, and was unchanged in Dunedin.

But as Auckland retains its title as New Zealand’s most congested city, drivers stuck in traffic in our biggest city might console themselves knowing commuters in Mexico City are doing it tougher than anyone. 

Mexico City is ranked the most congested city in the world with an overall level of 59 per cent.