Greymouth Lotto winner so ‘stunned’ by his luck he had to Google what to do

A lucky Greymouth man is $1 million richer after winning Lotto. But he was so “stunned” by the win he knew the first thing he should do was to jump online and Google “what to do if you win Lotto”.

Lotto (file photo). Source: Te Karere

The winner, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he didn’t know what his Lotto ticket was worth until he used a self-checker at a Lotto counter at a supermarket on Saturday. 

“I saw ‘major prize winner’ appear on the screen and was pretty stunned. The supermarket was busy, so I slipped back to my car and Googled, ‘what to do if you win Lotto’,” the man said. 

He then called his brother to make sure he had the right numbers. 

“My brother went online and double checked that I had the right draw, then read the winning numbers back to me as I carefully checked them off on my ticket. 

“When I told him I had all six he got so excited and said, ‘I’m pretty sure you’ve just won Lotto!’” he said.

He headed back to the supermarket the next day when it was quieter. 

He said he would use the money to pay off his mortgage and go on holiday. 

“I’ll definitely take my brother out for a drink when I see him next – we’ve definitely got to celebrate!”  

The winning ticket was sold at Greymouth New World for last Wednesday’s draw.