Greymouth 21-year-old entrepreneur explains how he got Sir Richard Branson to do business with him




Counting Sir Richard Branson, Rob Fyfe and Kevin Roberts as your business partners would be impressive for any entrepreneur, let alone if you're only 21-years-old.

Unfiltered is the brain child of Jake Millar who’s doing business with high-fliers all around the world.
Source: Seven Sharp

Hailing from Greymouth, Jake Millar is already onto his second incredibly successful business venture, after selling his first Oompher to the New Zealand Government.

Founded by Jake when he was only 18, Oompher interviewed leading figures across a range of fields from sports, arts, politics, media, business and asked them the simple question "How would you get started today if you were 18?"

Making $300,000 in its first year, Oompher was sold to the New Zealand Government for an undisclosed sum.

"I just said, why don't you guys just buy this and do it yourself?" Jake said.

His latest venture is called Unflitered and it's a kind of one-stop shop with candid business advice from business highflyers.

On it's board are ad man Kevin Roberts and Former Air New Zealand boss Rob Fyfe.

"I believe very passionately that New Zealand is very bad at celebrating business success, celebrating business stories, we just don't do it," Jake said.

"We have this culture here that if you're amazing at sport, that's OK, but anything else, people just don't talk about it."

But the origin which Jake credits for all this business acumen is a sombre subject - the death of his father in a plane crash when he was 14.

"Everything started in 2010 when my father passed away - he died in a plane crash."

"Everything is so different now to the person I was when he was alive. I wanted to be an airline pilot and was doing flying lessons at the weekends.

"I came from a little town called Greymouth. I think he'd be very surprised, very proud, I think he'd be happy."

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