Greg Murphy urges Government to focus on driver training in road safety strategy

Motorsport legend Greg Murphy believes there’s a flaw in Government’s road safety agenda.

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He met with Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter at Parliament. Source: 1 NEWS

Murphy told 1 NEWS his views on Kiwi road safety when he was at Parliament in Wellington today meeting with Road Safety Minister Julie Anne Genter.

"Focusing on road barriers and those kinds of things doesn't make drivers better - it might reduce the impact of one of those mistakes, but it doesn't make drivers better or make them more aware.

"I want people to make better decisions, so they don't have a crash in the first place," Murphy said.

He says the driver licensing system here is broken and is calling for more practical training.

"We are delivering more and more people onto the roads that have limited skills and limited understanding.

"We need to train people in emergency stopping, doing simulated nose to tail, stopping distances all those sorts of things," he said.

Ms Genter has welcomed the feedback.

"I'm certainly open to how we can improve the licensing system - it's all about safer roads, safer speeds and safer drivers," she told 1 NEWS.

The Government's developing its new Vision Zero road safety programme at the moment which it hopes will reduce the harm on our roads.

It hopes to implement safer vehicles, better safety infrastructure on the streets and lower speed limits in places.