Greens target dirtiest rivers in bid to clean up waterways

From the North to the South, the Greens are vowing to clean up streams.

The Greens plan to visit 10 rivers across the country to highlight dirty rivers. Source: 1 NEWS

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei's used her party's AGM to announce a new campaign to clean up 10 of the country's dirtiest rivers.

"I'm pledging today we will make our rivers clean enough to swim in."

Some Green insiders have told ONE News internal polling shows some supporters feel the party has moved away from its environmental focus - so this is part of a move back in that direction.

Waikato River Source:

The 10 rivers the party has identified to be part of its Swimmable Rivers campaign are The Wairua, The Kaipatiki/Lucas Creek, The Waikato, The Tarawera, The Waitara, The Tukituki, The Ruamahanga, The Manawatu, The Waikirikiri/Selwyn, The Mataura.

Green MPs will tour each of the rivers.

"We will work with iwi and communities who are already champions for these rivers and help build even more support through a Swimmable not Wadeable rivers petition."

The Government's consulting on new standards for freshwater management and it pledged $10 million a year in last month's budget for a contestable fund to help communities improve water quality standards.

The Greens would put a moratorium on new dairy conversions, support land based sewage solutions, put filters on stormwater drains and plant fence land around waterways.

The party also wants to introduce National Environmental Standards for water quality that would require councils to ensure rivers are clean enough for swimming.