Green's Shaw, Sage, Genter and Logie to take ministerial spots in new government




The Green Party has this morning announced that four of its members will gain ministerial or undersecretary roles in the new Labour-lead coalition government.

Green Party's Eugenie Sage, left, with James Shaw, right.

Green Party's Eugenie Sage, left, with James Shaw, right.

Source: 1 NEWS

They will be James Shaw, Eugenie Sage, Julie Anne Genter and Jan Logie.

Gareth Hughes will be the party whip, while Marama Davidson will be deputy whip.

A beaming James Shaw explains to Breakfast how it felt to watch Winston Peters pick Labour, not National.
Source: Breakfast

Portfolio responsibilities will be confirmed at a later date, likely next week.

Party leader James Shaw said his party ministers would "work hard alongside our team and the rest of the Labour-led government to ensure we make a positive contribution to the lives of New Zealanders by addressing our priority areas of climate change, clean water, and ending poverty".

The Green Party co-leader fronted media late last night, saying his party had confirmed its confidence and supply agreement with Labour.
Source: 1 NEWS

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