Greens set to reveal campaign reset after horror week of politics




The Green Party will soon reveal new, stripped-down campaign material, hastily rejigged following the departure of co-leader Metiria Turei in the fallout from her benefit fraud admission.

Metiria Turei resigned yesterday shortly before a Newshub-Reid Research poll showed a collapse in Greens support.
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The party has always campaigned with co-leaders but now has just James Shaw, which won't quite fit the "Great together" tagline.

A campaign ad had already been filmed before a horror week this week, where the party lost Ms Turei and also senior MPs Kennedy Graham and David Clendon. It also lost ground in two polls out during the period, down to just over eight per cent support.

However, the agency that did it had been able to rework the ad by the end of the week, Mr Shaw told TV3's The Nation today.

"You will see the new ad during the course of the weekend along with the new billboards, new leaflets, everything."

Ms Turei had been the party's face for social justice issues and new faces would be brought in to front its three priorities: climate change, ending poverty and cleaning up rivers.

"One of the things that we're going to be doing during our campaign reset is, you know, you're going to see some new faces leading the various parts of the campaign," Mr Shaw said.

The Greens would be just as hot on ending poverty, he said.

"We're the only party that has drawn a line in the sand and said, 'look, we know what it's going to take to lift 212,000 children above the poverty line, and we're committed to doing those things'."

Mike Hosking and Toni Street discuss another dramatic day in New Zealand politics.
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Mr Shaw wasn't fazed by his party falling behind New Zealand First to be the fourth most popular party.

"There are six weeks left of the campaign, and we are going to finish as at least the third largest party in Parliament," he said.

"I know that we've taken a bit of a hit recently, but we've been in this situation before."

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