Greens promise to push for 'fair, decent pay' across retail, cleaning, security if in Govt

The Green Party is promising to push for Fair Pay Agreements across retail, cleaning and security jobs to increase pay, should it be part of the next Government. 

Jan Logie - file. Source: Breakfast

Green Party workplace relations spokesperson Jan Logie said that paying many Covid-19 essential workers "what they're worth" was well overdue.

"Our security guards, cleaners, supermarket staff and so many other Kiwi workers have worked hard to keep New Zealand ticking over and to keep us safe during Covid-19," she said. 

The Fair Pay Agreements set out sector-specific minimum employment standards, including wages and conditions. 

"Those agreements then become legally-required minimum standards for people working throughout the whole sector.

"It ensures workers get fair, decent pay and conditions and opportunities for training - and businesses have a set of consistent standards to work towards."

On Saturday, Labour promised to roll out further Living Wage guarantees (currently sitting at $22.10) to public service workers if re-elected, but the Green Party wanted to take it a step further across more industries "so more New Zealanders can earn a dignified income". 

Labour promises Living Wages to more low-paid public service workers

"Low wage workers in industries not contracted by Government continue to get us through the Covid-19 pandemic, and decent pay should extend to them," Logie said. 

"If elected, we’ll push for the Government to bring in legislation to ensure Fair Pay Agreements, starting with people doing essential work like retail, cleaning, and security."

Labour's Phil Twyford last week described contracted workers - such as cleaners, caterers or security guards - as the backbone of public service.

"These are the workers that clean the office late at night, start work early to cater for conferences and stand in the cold making sure our offices are safe for everyone."