Greens' Chlöe Swarbrick wins tight Auckland Central race

Green Party Chlöe Swarbrick has won the seat of Auckland Central - after a tight three-way race with Labour's Helen White and National's Emma Mellow. 

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With 31 per cent of votes counted, Swarbrick was ahead by 400 votes. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier, she said her lead in the Auckland Central seat voting comes after a “campaign we always dreamed of”.

With 100% of the votes now counted, Swarbrick had a 492 lead on White. 

“We always knew this was going to be a tight race, ironically, in much the same way as the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Referendum is,” Swarbrick told 1 NEWS earlier in the night.

“It was always going to come down to voter turnout.”

Swarbrick said her campaign had focussed on that, particularly in recent weeks since the second Covid-19 lockdown in Auckland.

“We’ve been doing everything we can turn to get that up,” she said.

“People want there to be a strong Green Party at the heart of the next governmental formation.

“This is the campaign we always dreamed of. I’m so proud of everyone who is here. We’ve put our heart and our soul into it.”

The results of the two referendums put to New Zealand voters this year will not be revealed until the end of the month.