Greenpeace protestors block Taranaki factory accused of making 'climate killing' fertiliser

Greenpeace protestors against the use and distribution of a synthetic nitrogen fertisliser have held up a Ballance Agri-Nutrients factory in Taranaki this morning.

In a statement, the environmental activists said protestors were preventing trucks from picking up and distributing the "climate killing" chemical.

"Today we’re taking matters into our own hands, stopping Ballance from selling the synthetic fertiliser that’s propping up industrial dairying and driving the climate crisis," Greenpeace agriculture campaigner Gen Toop said.

He also said it was past time the Government tackled the climate impact of synthetic fertiliser and too many cows.

"Everyone deserves a life free from the ravages of an overheated planet. That means that right now, we need fewer cows and a full phase-out of synthetic fertiliser.

"We’re already experiencing the floods, droughts and wildfires that will only become more frequent in a hotter and less stable climate. Meanwhile, Ballance makes a killing cooking up hundreds of thousands of tonnes of this climate-wrecking chemical every year."

Greenpeace claimed half a million tonnes of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is used in New Zealand every year, primarily to accelerate grass growth and ramp up cow numbers.

"Intensive dairying is the country’s biggest climate polluter," the group says. 

Ballance has not yet responded to requests for comment from 1 NEWS.

In a statement to 1 NEWS, police said they were alerted to protest activity at the location shortly before 10am.

"The role of police is to ensure the safety of all and uphold the law, while recognising the lawful right to protest," a spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

When asked if anyone had been arrested or if police had used force, the spokesperson added: "Police will respond appropriately to any issues that may arise."