Greenpeace finds shocking evidence of plastic pollution in Antarctica

On the day some products containing microbeads were banned in this country Greenpeace has released what it calls shocking evidence of plastic pollution in Antarctica.

The findings come from a three-month expedition to the Southern Ocean. Source: 1 NEWS

Greenpeace did the research during a three month expedition to the Southern Ocean earlier this year.

The researchers took seawater and snow samples, with nearly all of them containing traces of micro plastics.

"This is significant because we haven't had enough data that's shown micro plastics and even microfibres with plastics in it, in the Antarctic," Greenpeace oceans campaigner Emily Hunter says.

Ms Hunter says the data is troubling considering Antarctica's remoteness.

"It shows that even in the most pristine and remote parts of the planet, this is an issue that is still persistent and growing,"

Greenpeace are now calling for a plastic pollution strategy in New Zealand to build on the microbeads ban and protect the environment.