Greenpeace demands apology from PM over 'besmirching' its name with Panama Papers link

The fallout from the latest Panama Papers revelations has had a fiery sequel in Parliament with Greenpeace calling for an apology from the Prime Minister.

Dr Russel Norman takes the Prime Minister to task about what he said in Parliament yesterday. Source: Breakfast

As John Key faced questions in Parliament yesterday about the findings, he's now been accused of incorrectly linking Greenpeace, along with Amnesty International and Red Cross, to foreign trusts.

"I was shocked actually to find Greenpeace International on the database," Mr Key said in the House.

But Greenpeace's executive director, Dr Russel Norman, says the Prime Minister is wrong.

"He's got the wrong database and the wrong year," he told TVNZ's Breakfast today.

"He's basically besmirching the good names of these charities to help himself out of a political hotspot."

"He should apologise. What he did was wrong.

The heat comes on the PM to apologise over his comments in Parliament linking Amnesty International to Panama Papers. Source: 1 NEWS

"In the process he threw mud at three charities which have nothing to do with it."

Dr Norman went on to explain that three years ago Greenpeace was named in papers called the "Offshore Leaks," and says this is what Mr Key was confusing the issue with.

Britain's Sunday Times undertook an investigation and found that tax dodgers were using charities including Greenpeace as fronts for their scams and the charities weren't involved themselves.