Green Party won't contest Ohariu to help Labour fight Peter Dunne




The Green Party won't run a candidate in the Wellington seat of Ohariu because of its deal with Labour to change the government in September.

The government support partner holds a 700 vote majority in Ohariu, and Labour and the Greens want him gone.
Source: 1 NEWS

Labour this week announced former long-standing Police Association president Greg O'Connor would be their candidate to challenging incumbent, United Future leader Peter Dunne.

Labour's new candidate Greg O'Connor now has a much better chance of beating United Future's Peter Dunne in the General Election.
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Green Party co-leader James Shaw announced today that it makes "perfect sense" in an MMP environment for his party not to contest the seat.

"Not standing in Ohariu increases the chances that we will be in a position to change the government in September - it's as simple as that," Mr Shaw said.

But that's not before firing another parting shot at the Government after 21 years as the voice of police officers.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Shaw said the decision had no bearing on any other electorate, and said the party would still work hard for party votes in the electorate.

Labour and the Green Party signed a memorandum of understanding last year, committing to work together until the election to change the government.

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