Green Party promising help for low-income families to pay their power bills

The Green Party has announced an election pledge of "warm-up" payments to help half a million low income families cover their power bills.

Source: Thinkstock

The pledge is part of the Greens' new energy policy - as they dump the controversial NZ Power scheme, pitched at the last election.

They pledge to spend $112m on the energy payments, which will go to households that earn under $50,000 a year.

Payments will range from $207 to $328 each winter, should the Greens be part of the next Government.

And they've set a goal - 100 per cent renewable electricity generation by 2030.

Energy spokesman Gareth Hughes also pledged an investigation into the electricity wholesale market, and new regulations to encourage competition, transparent billing and use of data.

In 2013, Labour and the Greens pushed their NZ Power scheme, a major intervention in the retail power system in a bid to lower bills.