Green Party pledges free counselling for those under 25 - 'we can do more to support people through hard times'




Counselling would be free for anyone under 25 in a Green government, leader James Shaw says.

James Shaw says the party wants to replace the Emissions Trading Scheme with a Kiwi Climate Fund.

Source: 1 NEWS

The party has launched its youth mental health policy targeting New Zealand's youth suicide rate, which is among the highest in the world.

Funding for youth mental health services would be boosted by $263 million a year, the Mental Health Commission would be re-established and an inquiry into mental health services would also be held, Mr Shaw said in Wellington on Monday.

"Everyone goes through ups and downs and as a society we can do more to recognise that and support people through hard times, so that the hard times don't get worse," Mr Shaw said.

"Every suicide is a tragedy and we know from overseas evidence that there are things government can do that will make a difference to stop suicides from happening."

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