Green Party co-leader James Shaw thanks passers-by who intervened following assault

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has posted a video to social media thanking the passers-by who intervened after he was assaulted on his way to work yesterday morning.

The video, posted to Mr Shaw's Twitter account, was captioned, "Thank you all so much for your messages of support. I'm back and I'm ready to head to the #ClimateStrike".

James Shaw speaks with protesters at the School Strike 4 Climate march. Source: Twitter / James Shaw

In it, the Climate Change Minister, sporting a black eye, said, "I just want to take a moment to express my appreciation to all of the people from all over New Zealand, and all around the world, who have sent messages of support over the course of the last 24 hours".

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The safety of MPs is being called into question, but they say their level of accessibility is important. Source: 1 NEWS

"In particular, I want to thank people who actually helped me out directly yesterday. There was a couple who intervened on the scene, and I really want to thank them for their intervention, the staff of the Wellington ambulance crew, the Wellington police who were on the scene and also, of course, the nurses and the doctors and the staff in Wellington Hospital for all of their terrific work yesterday.

"I'm OK, I'm back at work and I'm very much looking forward to today's School Strike 4 Climate, and I hope to see you there."

Mr Shaw has since appeared at the student protest in Wellington.